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The trade in the mediaeval times

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How led to do this trade over long distances?

The long distance trade didn't began in the Middle Ages, but at this time it became a special importance.

  • The reason was probably "the Crusades to the Holy Country". On that way, the crusaders discovered the variety of goods from the world southward of the Meditrerranean. Altough, trade relationships still existed in Arabia. Because of the Crusades, a new need of products "Lifestyle" has developed on the courts.   
  • The second important reason for the trade was the demand of slaves. In the 9th and 10th century, Prague and Magdeburg were an important place in Central Europe for dealing with slaves.
  • The third reason were the needing of salt. Many areas have no salt and so they were depend to the dealers.

Who were the salesmen?

There was no division of nationalities in the Mediaeval Times. The membership to a group wasn't marked through national characteristics, like today. In that reason it is difficult to say, to which group of persons the traders belong to. The three most important groups which have formed the traders were: