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Mountain city of Sayda

Übersichtskarte Bergstadt Sayda

Sayda is situated in the Eastern part of the Ore Mountains, where the Old Salt-Street (trade route from Halle to Prag) crossed the Silver Street (trade route from Zwickau to Dresden). It is located approximately 680 m above sea level. With its parts Friedebach, Pilsdorf, Ullersdorf and Mortelgrund, Sayda is counting nearly 2300 inhabitants.

1207 Sayda was firstly mentioned by documents, as a fixed custom station, they had to pay charges to the Monastery Ossegg. Till the year 1352 the requirements changed a lot between the kingdom of Bohemia and the margraviate of Meißen. From 1352 to 1945 have the aristocratic family of Schönberg taken the possession. Since the 14th century Sayda was a booming city, in 1442 they had become the municipal law and five times a year they had organized a funfair. The Das craft had flourished and guilds were established. The castle of Sayda offered security for travellers and for the surrounding towns. In the 15th century, Sayda (3000 inhabitants) was as big as Dresden and there existed also a large jewish community.

Owing to the geographical position Sayda was often a centre of lootings and fires, the reason of the decrease from the city. Today in Sayda exist a lot crafts and businesses, the tourism increase, especially in hiking and wintersports. Historical interesting people can also visit the oldest building of Sayda "Hospital to St. Johannis", the church  or the water tower.